Tuesday, February 1


I have moved links to bloggers who have been kind enough to list my site -- A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT ("ACSOL") -- in their blogrolls and have done so toward the top of my Combination Links & Blogroll section in the righthand column and under the apropos heading, Quid Pro Quo, which as you likely know is Latin for "one thing in return for another."

I encourage you to visit these sites. I enjoy these blogs and visit them regularly.

I thank their authors again for helping me get my new site off the ground, which, of course, is an uphill struggle with over 4.5 million blogs in the blogosphere competing for readership, and whose authors are doing their level best to provide compelling content.

And, if you'll allow, may I ask that fellow bloggers consider placing A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT in their blogroll. I'll do my level-best to merit your endorsement. Thank you for your consideration!