Sunday, February 20


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I'm sure there will be more superlatives than I can muster used to describe Rodger Morrow's (author of "this isn't writing, it's typing" blog) provocative, compelling, thought-provoking, first-rate post on ethics and the issue of thievery in the blogosphere. Posts of this quality (the writing and the intellect behind it) don't come along all that often. This one is deserving of countless links, an ongoing blogosphere discussion, a graduate school course or two -- and certainly a book.

Now, then, Rodger, better get busy amplifying your post into that book before your perspicacity and profundity (i.e., your intellectual capital) are purloined.

By the way, I, too, posted on the subject of Ms. Noonan's well-written, widely-applauded defense of bloggers in the context of an earlier post by Mr. Morrow on "Easongate."