Wednesday, February 16


I post frequently on the subject of our scandously porous borders, immigration reform in the context of "homeland security" (a real misnomer), and the multiple warhead weapon of mass destruction that is unfettered illegal immigration. It gets my blood up (and I'm a Bush-supporting, center-right Republican no less). It's more than disingenuous of President Bush, his administration, and Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, to look askance at the irrefutable security issue that an influx of millions of illegals each year poses, let alone its hard impact in dollars -- millions upon millions of tax dollars being spent and at a time when the U.S. deficit has reached a record high.

So I turn your attention to this sterling column on the subject by Lon Opsahl, published in If, like me, you've had enough of the sucking and blowing on this critically important issue from our elected officials, read it, link to it, and tell others about it. A fellow blogger, Rodger Morrow, was kind enough to do this for me this morning.

You know, I'm beginning to think Hillary Clinton gets it better than does our president. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but I do. Bush's "Guest Worker" program is amnesty, pure and simple. I want it defeated. It's a fancily gift-wrapped present to Presidente Vicente Fox and the businesses in this country which knowingly employ illegals and lobby Washington politicians to just go with the flow. Well, that harmful flow -- the millions of illegals already here and the millions to come -- is quite a commentary on Bush's white elephant, the "Department of Homeland Security," and the repeated calls from administration officials for every citizen of this country to be vigilant and report any possible terrorist activity.

We fight terrorism overseas, so that we don't have to fight it here at home. Isn't that the president's mantra? Well, illegals are destroying private property, killing and wounding U.S. Border Patrol agents, robbing homes and businesses, participating in drug trafficking, spreading disease, and all the while sending billions of dollars of remittances home to Mexico annually, while utilizing far more in taxpayer-funded social services than they themselves contribute. Aren't these forms of terrorism given their magnitude? Doesn't Mexico's government have us over a barrel? They export drugs, criminals, gang members, hapless poor, uneducated people and their costly social issues, to the United States; and, in turn, import from us their second largest revenue stream (bigger than tourism) -- remittances from illegals. Meanwhile, Mexico continues to decry our war in Iraq and hasn't lifted a finger -- in troops or treasure -- to help us or the international community fight terrorism.

And, as Bill O'Reilly and others continue to warn, it's only a matter of time before terrorists crossing our southern border with Mexico, or our northern border with Canada, commit another heinous act of terrorism to rival "9/11." Craziness, isn't it? The Feds remove my shoes and your shoes at airports, and run their wands over elderly women and small children alike, but turn a blind eye to hordes of illegals entering this country each and every week. Bush has even reneged in his budget submission on the funding he promised for an additional 2,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents in 2006. His position vis-a-vis this nightmarish situation is incomprehensible and flat wrong. And all of us ought to be mad as hell and unwilling to take it anymore!