Sunday, February 27


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Count me in, as inumerable posts of mine on the subject of illegal immigration and border security attest, with Polipundit in citing immigration reform and, by implication, border security, as a make or break issue for Republicans and President Bush. As is pointed out in his post, conservative republicans want and insist that the president deal forcefully and comprehensively with the illegal alien issue and its impact on our country. And they see expending the president's political capital in this area as a top priority. Moreover, the president's "Guest Worker" proposal is not the solution and is viewed by this writer as camouflaged amnesty and a signal to Presidente Vicente Fox that his government-encouraged, illegal emigration program is just fine by us.

Tell me, how does this sit with you:

The Mexican government is reprinting what some believe to be a guidebook to help illegal immigrants avoid capture and prosecution after entering the United States. Called the "Mexican Migrant Guide," the Mexican Foreign Ministry says its purpose is to help people who have already decided to enter the United States to diminish their risk of death and to inform them of their rights should they be arrested. Some legislators, such as Rep. J.D. Hayworth, Arizona Republican, say the document is a guide on how to enter the United States illegally.