Wednesday, February 16


If you have been kind enough and concerned enough to follow my posts since last Saturday (and those of others in the blogosphere) on the repression of bloggers and blogger-journalists in Iran, mindful of the chilling personal account of Farouz Farzami's arrest, jailing and interrogation for 36 days, her subsequent release, and her upcoming trial -- likely secret and without benefit of counsel -- then I ask you to consider signing a petition demanding that the tyrannical regime in Iran stop its Internet censorship, denying bloggers and blogger-journalists there the rights we, who have the good fortune of living in democratic countries, enjoy.

I have signed it and authorized my signature on line #2351 of the petition. I published a comment on the petition:

I urge the government of Iran to cease and desist in its repression of bloggers and blogger-journalists, and to conform to the letter and the spirit of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights.

Here is the petiton for your review, and, hopefully, your action. Please note that it is addressed to the "Human Rights Watch" organization, which I have linked to in a previous post and which you'll find in this blog's "Combination Links & Blogroll" in the righthand column.

Again, I thank you!