Monday, February 28


Here's an in-depth story from CNSNEWS.COM that merits a full reading. According to its author, Kathleen Rhodes, Kansas Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius has received thousands of dollars in political campaign contributions from the owner (George Tiller) of one of two Kansas' abortion clinics being "directed by Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline to furnish medical records on dozens of young women and girls." Tiller's clinic -- Women's Health Care Services P.A. in Wichita -- is also "currently under investigation by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts," as a reseult of a 19-year old abortion patient (from Texas) having died of hemorrhaging.

Tiller's "health care clinic" specializes in hundreds of late term, partial-birth abortions. A discussion of his practice is featured in this "Talking Points Memo" of Bill O'Reilly's. In it, he notes: "Pregnant women from all over the country go to Kansas to have this ultra-controversial operation performed by Tiller, who's one of the few American doctors comfortable with partial birth abortion (search)." If you can stomach it (and maybe you should force yourself regardless), here is the loathesome, horrific, industry practice George Tiller specializes in and from which he's able to generate the money for political influence.

Tiller is described as "a family man." "If you didn't know that George did abortions, you'd think he was the world's nicest guy," observes Joan Wagnon, Kansas' Secretary of the Department of Revenue. Makes me wonder what Governor Sebelius thinks of him and his way of making a living? Maybe along with the thousands of dollars the governor's campaign has received from the likes of George Tiller, she should be receiving thousands of letters of disapproval as well, and a whole lot fewer votes next time she runs for office!