Friday, February 18


Rodger Morrow published a post on February 16th, in which he opened with a photograph of the acerbic comedian Don Rickles and then followed it with a string of attention-getter links: "Salivating morons," "Moon howlers," "Baying hounds," "Lilliputians," and "Headhunters." Pretty clever! Rodger was listing, of course, the kinds of nasty, antagonistic slights MSM folks have been hurling at bloggers in the wake of the "Easongate" blog swarm that concluded with Eason Jordan's resignation from CNN.

The next day, Peggy Noonan published a column in "WSJ," entitled The Blogs Must Be Crazy, in which she opened with this provocative concatenation of invectives: "Salivating morons." "Scalp hunters." "Moon howlers." "Trophy hunters." "Sons of Sen. McCarthy." "Rabid." "Blogswarm." "These pseudo-journalist lynch mob people." Following this captivating lead, Ms. Noonan went on to make a laudable defense of bloggers and the blogosphere, even going so far as to say they perform "a public service."

As did many other bloggers yesterday, I posted kudos to Peggy Noonan for what I termed metaphorically "a brilliant closing argument to the jury ..."

But on closer inspection, do you think Mr. Morrow had cause to feel that the thorns on the rose stem were a more apropos salute to Peggy's column than the flower petals?

As Bill O'Reilly likes to say, You be the judge!