Sunday, February 6


I'm on proverbial "Cloud Nine" as a neophyte blogger this morning. I've had two different posts of mine linked by major sites, this one over at Betsy's Page and this one over at the Daou Report.

Hugh Hewitt writes in his recently released book, BLOG, about a "Welcome aboard, now grab an oar" spirit in the blogosphere in which many of the popular veterans help and encourage newcomers. I've previously given a nod of appreciation to Peter Daou, Betsy Newmark, and Hugh Hewitt, for their kind support. I feel obliged to do so again this morning.

I should add that Betsy Newmark, while having linked to my Bill and Hillary uber alles post, doesn't agree with my doomsday prediction and perhaps I'm too much of an alarmist when I see Bill Clinton landing a high-visibility role within the United Nations and Hillary Clinton making concerted moves toward the center of the political spectrum. But look at what Hillary's been doing in supporting the invasion of Iraq, rethinking her position on Pro-Choice, not voting against Condoleezza Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State (albeit voting against Alberto Gonzales' confirmation as Attorney General), and most assuredly not falling in line behind her colleague, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Hillary's even come out aggressively for tougher border security enforcement, putting Bush's platitudes about "Guest Worker" programs in dramatic relief. Yes, Hillary's moving lock, stock and barrel (figuratively speaking) into the heart of Red-State America and to me that's an ominous sign. And Bill Clinton has never done anything in his life, including this new role of U.N. special envoy to the Asian tsunami relief effort, without political calculation. He's not the All-American boy next door, after all. He's cunning with a capital "C." President Bush gave him a prestigious, non-partisan role to play in the U.S.-led relief effort, but that wasn't apparently quite good enough to suit Bill Clinton's designs on power. I think the Democratic Party would not see a "conflict of interest" in a Bill Clinton-led United Nations and a Hillary Clinton-ocupied White House. They'd revel in it. It'd be a coup of epic proportions for their Number #1 team. And just how many Democrats fret over greater U.S. obeisance to the United Nations and the international community anyway? So, I'm stickin' with my scenario, but do acknowledge Betsy Newmark's gift for analysis, as I'm a devoted reader of her blog. She may be right; I may be wrong.