Tuesday, February 22


In the continuing legal saga that is the Terri Schiavo case, this report from CNSNEWS.com indicates that her husband, through his attorney, has advised Circuit Judge George Greer that he has every intention of pulling his wife's feeding tube early this afternoon and that the judge has no authority to stop him.

You be the judge: Court Document.

While this report interprets that court document to mean that no action can be taken by Michael Schiavo until after a hearing on Wednesday, February 23rd, I have been advised by BlogsForTerri that sources close to Terri's parents (the Schindlers) and their attorney have indicated that reports of a "Stay" or "Hold" are groundless and that, consistent with the CNSNEWS.com story, Michael plans to take action, beginning this very day, to end his wife's life through starvation and dehydration. That means the feeding tube could be pulled within the next hour or so.

Meanwhile, Bob Schindler, Terri's father, and a representative of the Schindlers, Randall Terry, have each issued statements detailing their next steps to save Terri's life and outlining specific ways in which people rallying to Terri's cause can be of most help. Both statements merit your attention.