Wednesday, February 23


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I may have come to the party much too late (my younger brother, no doubt, thinks so), but with this I hereby formally declare that Senator John McCain is truly one of the most misguided Republican Senators in the U.S. Senate. Bad enough that, as a Senator from a state with a contiguous border with Mexico, he should fail time and time again to realize that illegal immigration is a multiple-warhead weapon of mass destruction, effecting enormous security risks, dire economic consequences, and a renting of this nation's social fabric; but, now the man goes and says that one of this country's biggest capital "L" Liberals (albeit camouflaged of late in centrist's raimant), Hillary Rodham Clinton, would make a good president. Enough is enough with this man. I salute him for his patriotism, his service to his country, and for withstanding the torture and isolation he endured in prison at the hands of the Viet Cong; but, I cannot abide anyone in the Republican Party ranks who has shored up politically both John Kerry and the Clintons.