Friday, February 18


Readers of ACSOL: this is one of those special sites on the Internet that, if your politics and interests are anything akin to my own, you will become enthralled by and return to often. I've put it in my site's blogroll under the "Quid Pro Quo" heading, as its site's author, Frank Laughter, was good enough to list A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT in his, for which I'm grateful and honored.

I've also bookmarked "Laughter Genealogy Reference & Research Center" in my personal "Favorites" section of my Bookmarks, as Mr. Laughter covers a range of subjects that intrigues me and on which I've posted previously and will no doubt again.

And let me draw your attention further to the link that takes you from this magnificent site into his blog, Frankly Speaking, which alone is treat enough, but combined with his main page becomes a lagniappe.

So do venture in to Frank Laughter's wonderful world and stay awhile, as both my wife and I did this afternoon, and I promise you that you'll find it time well spent.