Saturday, February 26


As if the news out of Florida were not bad enough with the ongoing legal battle being waged by Bob and Mary Schindler to save the life of their cognitively-disabled daughter, Terri Schindler-Schiavo, a search for the 9-year old girl, Jessica Marie Lunsford, missing since Wednesday, continues without success and, as all too often is the case with such likely abductions, the prospect of finding her alive becomes more bleak with each passing day. I should add, however, that according to this CNN report "investigators have no concrete evidence that the young girl was abducted."

Mark Lunsford, the little girl's father, is "convinced that no family member has anything to do with this" and has continued his appeals for additional help in the around-the-clock search being conducted for her, as well as for anyone having information on the whereabouts of his daughter to step forward. Last seen Wednesday night when she went to bed wearing a pink nightgown, authorities indicate not having found any signs of forced entry, but they did note that the front door to the house in Homosassa, FL (80 miles west of Orlando), where Jessica lives with her father and paternal grandparents, was not locked.

Jessica has no history of running away. Her estranged mother, Angela Bryant, who lives in Warren County, Ohio, is not mentioned as a suspect, and has also issued a plea for help.

This blogger is not aware of activity by Florida-based bloggers to aid in the search process, but I suspect that sort of thing may be underway or is being formed. Jessica will be added to this writer's prayer list.

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