Saturday, February 26


If George Felos, Michael Schiavo's gun-for-hire, grim-reaper attorney, is accurately quoted by Mitch Stacy in this Associated Press (AP) story, then this man with an overarching determination to ensure that Terri Schindler-Schiavo's feeding tube is removed has reached a new low, even for him.

Stacy quotes Felos as saying:

"If Terri Schiavo could for one hour get up and see what's going on, I think she would be absolutely horrified that she has been maintained in this condition against her will for so long, and that she has become the political pawn that she has."

Tell me, how many bloggers are on the BlogsforTerri blogroll -- 100, 200, 250? Answer that question correctly and you'll know how many people, at minimum, will be sickened by that disingenuous, abominal, altogether hypocritical statement. Do you loathe unctuous, prevaricating spinmeisters, as much as I do? Then feel free to loathe George Felos. He's deserving. This is one arrow in his quiver that I thought he'd have the good sense to keep under wraps for the duration. Maybe, despite the win yesterday in Judge Greer's court, Felos and his client are feeling a bit desparate. Maybe they're starting to feel the heat of public opinion. Even the sinister have their limits, their tolerance thresholds. When you've sold your soul to the devil, you know what you've done and it haunts you.

Fellow bloggers -- please tell me where I'm wrong. Many of you have no doubt done a lot better job of researching the facts of this protracted legal battle than I, and have a more intuitive sense of what's likely to become of this helpless, defenseless woman we all have come to care about so deeply. I marvel at the detail in some of your posts. Many of you have done superb work. You're to be commended. All of you are noble warriors.

Please -- correct me if I've errored in what I believe to be the following:

1) Terri is confined to her hospice room, tantamount to a "lock down," and is never taken outdoors for fresh air and sunshine;
2) Terri has been denied physical therapy and other medical treatment over a number of years that might have improved her condition;
3) Terri has been denied most forms of stimulus, including having a television or radio in her hospice room;
4) Terri's "will" is not, in point of fact, a matter of record, as she never executed any written statement, let alone a "Living Will," attesting to her husband's claim that she would not want her life maintained in her current condition, and that said claim was never made by her husband in the immediate days, weeks and months after the so-called "chemical imbalance" led to a heart attack and oxygen deprivation in 1990;
5) A large chunk (e.g., approximately $500K - $600K) of the significant monies awarded for Terri's care and rehabilitation via successful lawsuits her husband initiated has gone instead for legal fees to have the courts approve having her feeding tube removed and her life taken;
6) Terri, despite her Catholicism, has been denied the sacraments of the Church, and Church doctrine does not allow euthanasia or subscribe to any right-to-die philosophies;
7) Terri's parents have been precluded from filming any additional videos of Terri that might further substantiate that she's sentient;
8) Terri once had a serious urinary tract infection that her husband sought to keep medical professionals from treating and, had it been left untreated, would have surely killed her;
9) Videos, as well as statements from visitors who are other than family members, corroborate that Terri reacts positively to her parents visitations;
10) Terri has been denied a basic medical test -- a "swallowing test" -- that, among other tests that could have been administered, might have revealed that she is nowhere near being in a permanent vegetative state;
11) Terri has audibly voiced some basic words;
12) Despite a "bone scan" that has been interpreted as showing injuries to Terri that may have been the result of physical abuse, the courts have never directed that a criminal investigation be undertaken;
13) Twice Terri has had her feeding tube removed and come near death at the hands of the courts owing to legal actions taken by husband Michael Schiavo who, while not divorced from her, cohabitates with another woman and has had two children by her.

Sorry, but I'm so mad at the moment I cannot go on with this. Felos had a lot of gaul to make such a statement. He's really pushing it with me. Are you mad as hell? Get to your keyboards!