Tuesday, February 15


Dear Readers of ACSOL,

Have this, this, this, or this, caused any of these things to happen, that you can report?

"Comments," "Trackbacks," or email are welcome, always, but particularly right now on the subject of Farouz Farzami's chilling predicament in Iran, as she awaits trial.

I had hoped I could be the equivalent in the blogosphere of the Little Engine That Could by sparking interest in this female blogger-journalist whose tribulations (36 days of sleeping on the floor of a small prison cell, coupled with periodic interrogations, for blogging) will only grow in the weeks, months and years ahead.

I was successful in securing the help of three major bloggers with very large, faithful readerships (see the links above): Betsy's Page; Polipundit; and, INDC Journal. Other "big guns" I sent emails to, seeking their help, did not reply, but "causes" are not everybody's cup of tea, and, frankly, they're not always mine, so while I'm disappointed, I understand.

There have been other bloggers, all in what Hugh Hewitt describes as the blogosphere's tail, who have posted on this subject before I did, or afterwards, responding to my appeal and for which I'm grateful. But it just doesn't seem like we're making any headway -- neither the "power bloggers" nor we "tail-dwellers."

Meanwhile, I continue trying (fitfully thus far) to gain more information on Farzami from human rights' organizations and groups who track the repression of bloggers and journalists by tyrannical regimes. I have written to a number of them.