Thursday, February 17


Up until now and since the invention of the automobile, the expression has been put your foot on the gas. That may have a new meaning with this curious story about flatulent footwear. Seems the wrong chemical was shipped to a shoe manufacturer. The result: shoes that emit a disgusting sound with each step -- kind of like the sound made by that popular gag gift, the Whoopie cushion. So far, 35,000 pairs of "Goosebumps" have been tossed in the dumpster.

So what if this same errant chemical supplier had been shipping to NASA back when America was hellbent on reaching the moon before the Russians? Well, let your imagination soar ...

Can you imagine Neil Armstrong wearing "Goosebumps" when he first stepped onto the moon's surface?

One small step for man (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrippppppp); one giant leap (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrripppppp) for mankind.

Houston, we have lift off.