Tuesday, February 1


Columnist George Will, in today's Washinton Post, strikes me as thoroughly encouraged by the surprisingly strong turnout of Iraqi voters over the weekend and concludes his column by saying that it's pretty to think that Iraqis, and the American and coalition forces that fight on their behalf, may just do it -- pull that country (i.e, Iraq) into modernity. He also judges Ted Kennedy as plain wierd and confused given the Senator's laughable notion that the American military and Iraqi insurgents are fighting for the same thing -- the hearts and minds of the people. It would appear that Will has joined the growing chorus of political commentators who feel that Ted Kennedy's inane speech preceding the election and his all too precipitous call for troop withdrawal on its heels has irrevocably damaged his stature in the U.S. Senate and any credibility he may have had as an opponent of the war.