Monday, February 7


Well, count me in. I may just be a Crawly Amphibian in the hierarchy of the blogosphere, a little-read and even less-quoted neophyte-plodder-blogger, but, fact is, I do update daily, just as I ablute, eat, drink, sleep, brush my teeth, kiss my wife, and deal with the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

And, according to Hugh Hewitt, as quoted in this article authored by Edward B. Driscoll Jr., I operate in a high trust environment precisely because I'm a cyberspace nobody! Well, that's quite not what Hugh meant, so you had better read the article!

And where did I find this interesting read? Where else -- Instapundit. He of 195,000/hits per day fame.

NOTE: At 1:18 EST, yours truly ("ACSOL") has had 25 hits, Instapundit 79,000. If he's the head of the comet, I'm a microscopic particle of dust at the end of its broad white tail.

NOTE II: Edward Driscoll was kind enough to write to me and point out that my headline was incorrect in listing the number "5,000," rather than the correct number, per his article, which is "50,000." I want my readers to be aware I have made this correction at 7:30pm CST on 2/7/05. I'm not sure if I misread the column or made an error in my typing, which is the "two index finger" style, circa Walter Winchell. I'm embarrassed; but, I'm human.