Monday, February 21


If you believe, as I do, that Terry Schiavo should continue living, that her feeding tube should not be removed as directed by a judge, then let's pray together that she does not begin processing tomorrow because the governor of Florida fails to have the requisite political courage and moral conviction to protect her, which is his obligation.

And where does that indifferent, cold-as-steel term processing come from? Read the following by Barbara Simpson (who I applaud) to gain insights into how cold-blooded and impersonalized a world it is.

And heed Barbara's words:

If you don't do something to stop the killing of Terri Schiavo, it will haunt you. If every one of us doesn't call, fax, e-mail, picket and generally rattle every cage there is, to draw attention to her situation, we will all be complicit in her fate.

If the legal system kills Terri Schiavo, none of us is safe. The system is big and powerful and, if it wants you dead, you will be.