Saturday, February 12


Blogger, courageous freedom-fighter, and Iranian journalist, Farouz Farzami (a pseudonym), posted an earlier piece last November 29th that undoubtedly caused the "middle-aged man with a few days' growth of beard" to accost her, as she unsuspectingly stepped outside a bookstore in her homeland. She was whisked away, bookended in a Mercedes, as she later reported, by "two broad-shouldered men in black jackets." Imagine her fear and incredulity. She was jailed in a 12 feet by 12 feet cell for 36 days, forced to sleep on the floor, and interrogated repeatedly about her blog and its hyperlinks. She was eventually released, but will be tried. She was told that she was inviting corrupt American liberalism to rule Iran. She's regarded now as a subversive.

Here's that gripping account, which no doubt landed her in jail and for which she is now awaiting trial in Iran.

As Betsy Newmark, who was kind enough to link to my original post on this subject of earlier today (and for which there would otherwise be no traction), has importuned:

Perhaps the blogosphere can rouse public reaction to this situation. Remember that it was public outcries around the world that ultimately helped Soviet dissidents. We need our public and government to speak out forcefully to protest the treatment of dissidents in Iran and other totalitarian governments.