Wednesday, February 23


Recall the rash of stories about people using "off-the-shelf" lasers and directing those beams at commercial aircraft? Such stories seemed to have all but disappeared and, regardless, had been dismissed by government authorities anyway, which to my mind is akin to the Department of Homeland Security raising its current "threat level" to HIGH, while at the same time reassuring Americans that it sees "no credible threat," just an increase in the "noise level" of Al Qaeda. We're asked time and again to remain "vigilant," but virtually everything reported by American citizens, including laser beams trained on the cockpits of commercial aircraft, is invariably dismissed by the authorities. So what are we to make of all this?

Well, I'd suggest you read yet another of Rodger Morrow's thoughtfully reasoned, researched posts, at his blog This isn't writing, it's typing, to be reminded that our own instincts and analyses need to be heeded. There are portents out there that perhaps the government doesn't want us sticking our noses into, but they're portents nonetheless. Besides, did crack intelligence work preclude "9/11" or any of a number of other terrorist attacks that preceded it?

(NOTE: Rodger Morrow credits "The Phantom" at The Daily Brief for top-drawer reporting on this rife-with-implications issue.)