Monday, February 7


BeldarBlog has written this hard-hitting, but infinitely appropos post on John Kerry's recent interview with Michael Kranish, published in the Boston Globe, in which John Kerry reassures himself, if not quite convincing the American electorate, that he is not a "flip-flopper." Methinks the junior Senator from Massachuetts doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, and as William Dyer predicted, I experienced a nasty bout of soda-through-the-nose chortling, as I contemplated the torment JFK's going through in trying to decompress from an election campaign that revealed him for what he is -- publicly, a do-nothing occupier of a Senate seat for 20+ years; privately, a kept man who's long shown a penchant for the kindness of wealthy women.

So the question comes to mind: should we let the anguished, soundly defeated Senator off the hook and just brand him a flop-flipper, or is that just more of the same -- flip-flopping his moniker?