Thursday, February 17


IrishLaw's post (linking to Blue-Gray Sky) on classic Fighting Irish football names warmed my soul. God how I miss Notre Dame football -- winning Notre Dame football. But, we'll get there ... we'll get there! We have one terrific head coach (Charlie Weis) joining us now from the ranks of the Super Bowl Champions' New England Patriots.

My favorite name: Bronko Nagurski.

How can you miss with a name like that? He was a "power runner" in the classic tradition of the term, combining brute strength and a 6 feet, 2 inch frame carrying 225 pounds of tempered steel. Later for the Chicago bears, he displayed his pure athleticism, playing tackle, fullback and linebacker.

Read this and worship the man as I do:

For decades, his name summoned the raw energy of football. And to this day, they point out the brick wall in Chicago that Nagurski cracked when he ran into it carrying a football one fall afternoon in Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs and, then, the Bears. Scoring the winning touchdown in that game – at the south end of a cramped field where the end zone was only nine yards deep – Nagurski stomped on two opponents, leaving one unconscious and the other with a broken shoulder. Next he collided with a goal post and spun into the wall, which stopped him at last. Picking himself up, he told a teammate, "That last guy hit pretty hard."

Quoted from Pro Football Weekly archives.