Wednesday, February 9


So the Drugstore Indian remains defiant and rallied his followers yesterday, saying, among other things, that he never justified the killing of innocent people and, unrepetantly, that he owed no one an apology. Of course, the mad professor insists he retains the exclusive prerogative of defining who were and were not "innocent" when the terrorists struck the World Trade Center towers. I guess in his misguided mind tenure insulates one from common decency and discretion. He doesn't even understand who pays his salary. "Academic freedom" must be a nice gig. You can say the most damnable things -- even publish treasonous pronouncements -- and the civilized world is supposed to put a firewall around you to ensure you can keep running off at the mouth and writing hateful diatribes, while cashing a paycheck. And this all in the name of "intellectual discourse" and a "free exchange of ideas." Right. Of course, if that were true, there would be no law of treason.

I agree with the governor of Colorado. State taxpayer-provided funds need not subsidize Ward Churchill's heresies. Academic freedom is not and should not be carte blanche to publish everything and anything. I'm not advocating "mind control"; I'm saying crackpots don't deserve taxpayer-funded sanctuaries.

By the way, and as a few have charged in the form of ad hominem attacks on me at another venue in the blogosphere, my use of "Drugstore Indian" is meant soley as an allusion to a number of reports in the media that have discredited Ward Churchill's claim of Indian ancestry. It is not a racist remark -- certainly not intended to be so by this writer. And I have no doubt the truth of his bloodline will eventually be determined.