Wednesday, February 9


Apparently (and I'm not a gambler or one who enjoys casinos), many of the Indian-owned casinos found on reservations here in the United States come replete with cheesy drugstore Indians.

The alpine lodge and Indian themes run across every surface that isn't a slot machine or blackjack table -- or the insides of several of the seven heavily themed restaurants. There are plenty of nods to Yosemite National Park (the park entrance is about 50 miles up Highway 41), as well as plenty of tasteful design references to the Chukchansi Indians, staying well away from the cheesy drugstore Indian statues typically associated with tribal casinos.

That quote comes from this article on a gambling casino not too far outside of Yosemite National Park in California. If indigenous tribesmen (is that a more palatable term than "Indian," folks?) can use carved wooden statuary depicting themselves as decor to lure gamblers or to sell stuff, why do some find it so offensive that I use the term as an allusion to a man who claims to be 1/16 Cherokee, but, according to myriad reports, is not? Does taking some literary license constitute racism? Hardly.

Compare this to this. That's all I was driving at. Period.


Besides, if I haven't articulated well the measure of the man -- the mad professor -- Michelle Malkin has.