Friday, February 11


A "comment" I left at Barbara O'Brien's Mahablog site last night is gone this morning -- erased, obliterated, swept under the blogosphere rug. Now isn't that the very thing that the Left is always getting its hackles up over? You know, the ensuing shrill crys of censorship and book-burnings and intellectual dishonesty whenever someone with commonsense and decency suggests that this or that was over the top, or inappropriate for a particular audience, or simply an injudicious, extreme statement?

Between my experience with her site this week and a similar fate that a "comment" from The Happy Capitalist experienced not long ago, which I wrote about in this post, it appears Barbara's answer to intellectual discourse is to cherry pick "comments" that conform to her left-of-Left mantra and excise those that, even politely and objectively, take issue with her viewpoints. If she wants her blog to be a monologue then she ought to not have "Comments" at all. Any number of bloggers do just that. But she apparently needs endorsers and validators of her propaganda. Her mind (and it's a good one, just too often used for wrong, misguided causes) is not open to contrary points of view.

What appalled me was this post of hers, published on Wednesday, in which her usual "righties" and "extreme righties" (oftentimes she prefers "whackjobs") sobriquets were in liberal use, as she charged ridiculously that we on the Right do not recognize women as living beings, or at least not as human beings. That silliness was then used as a launchpad for her particular brand of Pro-Choice bluster about abortion rights, grounded, as one might expect, on the unscientific and patently absurd notion that fetuses are insentient -- as insentient as vending machines. She even thinks she's being cute in publishing what she terms a handy-dandy field guide for "righties" so that they can comprehend the differences among fetuses, cows, children and women. It's a laughable rant, all right, but in ways Barbara did not intend. Comedy is not grounded in poisoned, convoluted, thinking. The post is so cold-blooded, it's chilling. I never get used to reading or hearing the arguments for sending what have now approached 47.4 million innocents in this country to the medical waste heap.

Fetus is not a word in contradistinction to human being; it's simply a term used to describe medically a human being between conception and birth. This is not something a vending machine experiences when it's put out of service and scrapped. That Barbara doesn't comprehend the difference is hardly laughable. Abortion, when it's not used to save the life of the mother or to preclude a serious threat to her health, is no laughing matter. Hillary is starting to get it. Let's pray Barbara comes around.