Monday, February 21


If this is your first time visiting A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT (ACSOL), you'll not notice a difference; but, for my regular readers, tell me -- what do you think? The Blogger template is the same, but the colors have all been changed, and dramatically so, along with a few other details. I was tiring of the blandness of the colors that came with the template and, frankly, I found the black text on white background hard on the eyes. Yes, I'm at that age now!

My favorite color has always been BLUE. Bet you would never have guessed!

Now I can sit in front of the screen and enjoy the "look" of my blog, consistent with my color preferences. I hope my readers are pleased and that they find the "new look" of ACSOL crisp, compelling, and more professional.

I owe a big, big thanks to my wife, Cathy. She's not trained in HTML and she has never built a Web page. But, she's always been very handy with computers and she's an intuitive person and someone (unlike me) with infinite patience. Where I get frustrated if something doesn't work the first time through or seem logical on its face, she keeps an even keel and just keeps sailing along through the storm-tossed seas, secure in the notion that eventually she'll find safe harbor. And she invariably does!

So I dedicate the "new look" to Cathy, who lovingly made it happen, to my youngest of two grandsons, Austin, who was the original inspiration on the day of his birth for Grandpa first setting foot in the blogosphere and trying to gain a toehold there, and, of course, to you, my readers.

I'm flattered that you've read this far and I hope you'll return often, and even if all of my views do not necessarily square with yours! After all, that's okay. That's what living in America is all about -- the freedom to express your viewpoints and to try to understand the perspectives of other people. GOD BLESS AMERICA.