Wednesday, February 2


It's widely rumored that former president Bill Clinton has designs on succeeding the U.N.'s Secretary-General Kofi Annan, when that opportunity arises, but for now it appears he'll settle for a highly visible position as Annan's special envoy in coordinating United Nation's tsunami relief and reconstruction efforts in south and southeastern Asia, where the natural disaster late last year caused widespread devastation and over 160,000 deaths.

Clinton, in his successful bid for the White House in 1991, campaigned saying that, in himself and his wife Hillary, Americans could get two for the price of one. That prospect is already beginning to take shape again. Senator Clinton (D-NY) has been making significant moves of late to reposition herself as a centrist Democrat for what many see as a run for the White House in 2008 and now the former and internationally popular president, having recovered from successful heart bypass surgery, seems to be setting the stage (and padding an already impressive resume) for a hard run at eventually heading up the United Nations.

Were both to be successful, Bill and Hillary Clinton could become the political tag team of the 21st century, with the former heading the United Nations and the latter becoming the chief executive of the most powerful nation on earth. If, as president, Hillary's deep-rooted liberal proclivities won the day, her husband and the United Nations could become surrogates of U.S. foreign policy and instruments of a new world order.

Think about it. It scares hell out of me!