Saturday, February 5


I'm pleased to have one of my posts linked again at the Daou Report and I thank Peter Daou for the favorable reception he has given my submissions and his kind, consistent encouragement to a new blogger. If you haven't checked out his site (and that's unlikely, I know), kindly do so. You'll want to bookmark it or put it in your blogroll.

I have also been pleased (and grateful as can be) to receive links in the past month from high-powered polibloggers Hugh Hewitt and Betsy Newmark. They, too, have been supportive. They're both terrific people, apart from being accomplished writers. Do purchase Hugh's latest book, BLOG. I have and I enjoyed it immensely. Here's a review I did of it.

And may I refer you, please, to my Links & Blogroll section in the righthand column and under the heading "Quid Pro Quo." There you'll find sites that have placed me ("ACSOL") in their blogroll -- the highest honor. It's a short list, but I'm a newbie, I'm grateful, and these are fellow bloggers whose sites you will enjoy and who, like me, will appreciate your visits!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come back again!