Sunday, February 13


In the continuing rationalization of John Kerry's and the Democratic Party's defeat in last November's presidential race, Terry McAuliffe, just replaced by Dr. Howard Dean yesterday as the DNC's Chairman, decided it'd be fruitful (the Dems still don't get it) to attack the Catholic Church and Catholic voters last Thursday night in Washington D.C.

McAuliffe, who was a nonpareil fundraiser for the Democratic Party, but never could find the wherewithal to lead it to victory, left no Catholic unscathed, as, according to NewsMax, Terry even turned his guns on one of the party's own, Senator John Kerry.

I truly don't mind internecine battles within Democratic Party ranks, but I do mind that their leadership delights in slamming Catholics. Let's make sure we have long memories when the Democrats (and they will do this and without compunction) try to claim the family values and moral highground come the elections in 2006 and 2008.


Have you ever looked deep into your souls and asked yourselves -- you Democratic Party faithful -- why your party endorses "open borders" and wave after wave after wave of illegals crossing into this country, in the interest, of course, of building your party's future voter base (although the Latino Community is catching on to your self-centered agenda in this regard), and yet you insist year after year after year on a party platform plank that endorses the Pro-Choice agenda, which, combined with the reprehensible "ROE v. WADE" Supreme Court decision, has led to 47.3 million abortions in this country? Let's do the math (and conservatively so): 50% of 47.3 million prospective future voters is 23.7 million, a number of whom would already be registered and could have voted last November. Why are the plight of the poor in Mexico so much more compelling to Democrats than the fetuses of American women? Terry McAuliffe has proven it has nothing to do with the illegals' prevailing Catholicism. If the slaughter of innocents cannot be stopped by conscience and a reverence for life, then I'll take good ol' political pragmatism -- anything to reduce these horrific numbers!