Thursday, February 17


The New York Times reports in today's online edition that U.S. intelligence officials strongly suggest that the terrorist group Al Qaeda, responsible for the catastrophic "9/11" attacks on this country, is eyeing the United States' porous, contiguous, southern border with Mexico as a point of entry to bolster what Robert S. Mueller, Director of the FBI, admitted was the likelihood of "covert Al Qaeda operatives" already at work in sleeper cells within our nation.

If high-ranking intelligence officials are now publicly pointing to the vulnerability of our poorly secured borders as entry points for terrorists bent on harming us again, isn't it likely that they already know of such instances and they're now just trying to cover their behinds? Sure, it's conjecture on my part, but isn't that plausible speculation?

Regardless, it speaks to the critical need of Congress to just say NO! to President Bush's "Guest Worker" amnesty program and instead pass legislation to bolster border security significantly and stop the invasion of illegals and terrorists alike. The U.S. government is doing a better job of securing Iraq's borders than our own (and that's not saying much).

It's a wake-up call, America!

Note: "NYT" article linked at the Drudge Report.