Saturday, February 12


I am pleased to add Truegrit to the "ACSOL" blogroll this morning under the QUID PRO QUO heading, as its author, Ilona, has been kind enough to place me in her site's blogroll, for which I am flattered and grateful. Please visit her site and enjoy her thoughtful posts, as I have and will continue to do. She writes compellingly on the subjects of abortion and Pro-life, and her writing has philisophical and spiritual sublimity to it. She deserves a wider audience. I do hope we can exchange readers and be linked in more profound ways -- namely, in our firm beliefs that abortion and its judicial underpinning in ROE v. WADE need to be reconsidered and that innocents must be saved. So, in this regard, I am particularly proud to boast having Truegrit and IrishLaw in ACSOL's blogroll and to recommend the exceptional work of these two women to my readers!