Friday, January 28


Found this interesting post over at the Happy Capitalist and I must tell you that my gray matter must be turning on itself as I didn't recall the marriage (May 28, 1994, at the White House Rose Garden) of Barbara Boxer's daughter, Nichole, to Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony, or that it had ended in divorce. My first reaction when I read it was, Oh, Dear Lord, please tell me they didn't have children! Well, they did. They had a son named Zachary.

And how is Zachary unique, apart from the fact that a portion of his DNA double helix spells LIBERAL? Well, correct me if you know otherwise, but isn't young Zachary the only American in history to have a grandmother and an aunt who are both in the United States Senate? And add to that the additional distinction: his godparents were the President and First Lady of the United States. Are there any American History buffs among my readers who can go one up the baseball bat with me on that?

You know I'm anything but fond of Barbara Boxer's aberrant left-of-Left politics. And Hillary, of course, and setting aside her chameleon-like moves of late to the political Center, is an It Takes A Village wacho Leftist through and through. So what chance does their grandson/nephew have of ever being normal? Sad, sad, sad.

I went a huntin' on Google to see what I could find on Zachary Rodham, as I'm curious if he has written any Communist manifestos in grade school or marked up the walls of any public restrooms with bring the troops home graffiti; but I could find precious little and no current news. He was baptized on September 24, 1995. And there was this story, which suggests that Zach and his mother Nicole had some issues with Zach's pappa post-divorce. Of course, it would appear that pappa Tony also had a tough road to hoe after the divorce, so no one in the family was left untouched. The young man should be around 10 years old by now, although I'm not sure of his birthday.

If you read this biogaphical information on the Rodham family, it would appear that Hillary Rodham's youngest brother, Tony, was the odd-duck under-achiever in the family -- kind of a hazelnut in a bag of blanched almonds!

Anyway, my new blogger acquiantance, the "Happy Capitalist," sure managed to pique my interest in what Liberal bloodlines may have wrought (and meaning no disrespect to the Rodhams, bless their memories, who were staunch Chicago Republicans). Seems I'm not the only one in the blogosphere chewing on this story or who betrays a taste for gossip.

It is intriguing though, isn't it, what young Zach will become once he's older Zach? Wonder if this "little man" already has come to loathe our new Secretary of State? Wonder if he thinks Bush was ushered into a second term as president because of a fraudulent vote count in Ohio? Wonder if he thinks Bay Area politics are normal and the "Heartland" has it all wrong? Wonder what "grandmaw" whispers to him when she babysits or if Aunt Hillary ever has time for him and, if so, if she pushed after his parents' divorce to place little Zach in a village, a kind of communist commune? Oh, the questions seem endless.

I just hope he isn't already in to older women and trying to get Chelsea Clinton to meet him under a hazelnut tree in Golden Gate park.