Tuesday, January 11


Okay, so I'm having some fun with the story, but it's time for a little levity, isn't it? So a woman's heart ages better than a man's. And men can overcome this gender-based predisposition towards heart disease by exercising more, right? Then tell me this: why are men told to take a coated baby aspirin every day or every other day to help avoid heart attacks and strokes, and women aren't? After all, as women age, they have a propensity towards more frequent headaches, right? And these more convenient (I mean frequent) headaches get in the way of we older men keeping up with our preferred daily (or every other day) choice in exercise! Sounds to me as if the medical researchers can't see the forest for the trees (I once had an English professor in college who would have delighted in this particular turn of phrase and the phallic symbolism that concludes it).

Gee, I wonder if his was an untimely, premature death due to lack of exercise? I'll have to ask his wife, as she's survived him (and has likely outgrown her proclivity towards cephalalgia).