Saturday, January 29


Do you agree with me, after reading this, that Ben Lipscomb ought to cancel his subscription to Field and Stream? Sure appears that the man has gotten too swept up in being out there communing with nature and practicing his survival skills.

I know, your first thought probably paralled my own: does a guy who sports triple-x, "Big & Tall" briefs have a better chance of surviving in the wilderness than a Tom Cruise look-alike, who wears 32" Jockey shorts? I agree: I'd go with the endomorph too.

But then my second thought (what about yours?) was: why's a guy feeling compelled to drink dirty bayou water and to eat raw duck breast when he's only been lost in the outback for just 12 hours? Is the guy nuts?

Anyway, he survived his mini-ordeal and Ben's wife was glad to have him back home, safe and sound. It's just plain different in Arkansas!