Friday, January 14


I've been reading Michelle Malkin's blog for some time now, certainly long before I began trying my own hand at blogging (my site is of recent vintage), and I've thoroughly enjoyed her writing (she's rock solid at her craft), her conservative viewpoints, and her analyses as periodically seen on The O'Reilly Factor. And at the risk of sounding like a typical male, I find her to be an attractive women -- very feminine and appealing. But most of all I respect her keen intelligence and her ability to communicate so well. She strikes me as well-educated and at the top of her game.

So, having said all that, it's hurtful to read the abuse she takes for being a conservative, minority female. The excerpts she's posted from the hate mail she receives are appalling in their crudity and utter vileness. It's undoubtedly tough on her, but I can't imagine how her husband handles it. The natural instinct of good men is to protect women. How can he possibly contain his outrage?

Sure, she voices strong opinions contrary to those of many others. But, in the arena of ideas it's not right to think that anything goes and that she automatically becomes fair game for the rankness of the criticism she receives. And ad hominem attacks are as unnecessary, as they are distasteful, although many of us fall into that trap from time to time in the heat of the battle.

Andrew Sullivan weighs in on this invective, as do Tapscott's Copy Desk and Ace of Spades, among others.

In reading Michelle's post and those hateful messages, the title of one of Bill Bennett's books come to mind. We live in an era that has seen the death of outrage!