Saturday, January 29


Yesterday, I linked to an article about a bonehead, radical-Left professor who thinks the victims of the "9/11" terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers had it coming and whose views so inspired the leadership of another college that he's been invited to speak there.

Now this!

Interesting that in the former the Left's rationale for giving this idiot -- he of the utterly despicable thesis -- a platform is "Freedom of Speech."

Yet in the latter, up there in ol' Liberal Nirvana (i.e., Oregon), a man is denied his right to "Freedom of Speech" by the Left and forced to remove a patriotic "Yellow Ribbon" decal paying honor to our country's fighting men and women.

It's an outrage!

Seems Leftists go in whichever convoluted direction they think best to justify asinine conduct and if all else fails they just get shrill, scream at the top of their lungs, engage in body contorting histrionics, and make trying to deal with them so impossibly awkward and uncomfortable that we traditionalists oftentimes just shrug our shoulders, shake our heads, and walk away in disbelief.

Fortunately, there are no such concessions to stupidity to be had from center-right polibloggers in the blogosphere. We don't cut tail and run. Kudos to the bloggers who first jumped all over this story. I became aware of it and the WorldNet column over at Wizbang.