Wednesday, January 12


Andrew Sullivan, with his assault on a simple, from-the-heart statement of President Bush's that he cannot comprehend how anyone could be president "without a relationship with the Lord," ascribes a bushel basket of untoward motives to the president in an intemperate fusilade today. Come on, Andrew, Bush's convictions in this regard do not differ from those of many former presidents, notably George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And I'm unaware of any pronouncement from the White House that its doors are closed to atheists or Jews or Muslims, or even pagan idolaters. Why throw darts at President Bush over this? Maybe you're still smarting from another of the president's genuine, heartfelt observations, spoken during a presidential debate last Fall: namely, that he's not sure if homosexuality is congenital or developmental.

Regardless, I've not heard that the White House doors are closed to gays either. Fact is, George W. Bush doesn't feel compelled to keep his religious convictions and spiritual observations under wraps, because in part they define him. Nevertheless, he also has the good sense not to impose them on others, and certainly not as a holder of the highest office in the land. Has he abridged your religious freedom?

You must have gotten out of the wrong side of bed today. That said, I enjoy your Blog and, in most instances, find your writing well-crafted and perceptive.