Friday, January 28


Okay, Dear Readers, so I'm not a perfect human being, and while I think I have a pretty large repository of virtues, the occassional vice slips over the dam wall every now and then, and some dark, demonic thought snares my mind and both embarrasses and intrigues me.

In reading this story this morning about continuing breakthroughs in grabbing up highly-placed "associates" (I'd rather they be referred to as "bloodthirsty henchmen") of the deviant terrorist (excuse the redundancy ) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the thought enters my mind that wouldn't it be nice to televise a public execution on, say, Larry King Live. Each of these jackasses would be ushered before the cameras with their heads covered in a shroud and their hands tied behind their backs. They'd be forced to kneel alongside one another. Larry King would then introduce a couple of union butchers from the local grocery store chain, who would march out on stage brandishing large butcher knives, handheld knife sharpeners and wearing blood-stained butcher's aprons. Larry then, with grave voice and imperious mien, would read from a piece of parchment the long litany of crimes against humanity in which these shackled miscreants had engaged ...

Then my mind, thank God, breaks for a commercial and that grotesque picture dissolves, as I regain my sanity, scruples and compunction. But, when it comes to terrorists and terrorism, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth can be compelling, if only before cooler thinking prevails.