Saturday, January 29


Recall Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' mournful song, Free Falling? The chorus:

and I'm free --- free falling
yeah I'm free --- free falling

Guess I'm not even stuck in neutral on my blogging, as I had thought. Fact is, I've actually managed to put it in reverse gear. That's a tad depressing. I'm free falling!

How do I know? Easy. Just scroll down the righthand column of my blog site and you'll see my TTLB Ecosystem rating, which just retrogressed from Crawly Amphibians to Flippery Fish. I seem stuck these days at around 50 "hits/day" and can't seem to grow my audience of readers. I wrote a review of Hugh Hewitt's new book BLOG earlier in the month and he posted a link to it on his site and that bit of generosity gave me a red-letter day -- over 100 hits. I'm sure that's what kicked me up a notch. Well, I haven't had any serendipity since and so I'm slowly sliding back into blogging oblivion!

I sensed I was in trouble of slip-slidin' away, as I wrote this post not too long ago venting some frustration (in a humorous way, I thought) and searching for some answers. I even wrote an email to the bloggers at Instapundit, Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, Wizbang, Patterico, and Truth Laid Bear looking for some answers to the dilemma: how to grow an audience, while being true to your own voice; exactly what are the tricks of the trade? Not a one replied to me. That was disappointing.

So I lumber on at the keyboard hoping some magic will develop and some folks will find my eclectic mix of traditional values, center-right politics, heartfelt causes (Pro-Life and Immigration Reform), and smattering of humor compelling enough to keep coming back for more. And along the way, I hope many of those readers will bookmark my blog, or, better yet, place it in their own blogrolls, and, even better still, link to my posts and give me the blogosphere's equivalent of some word-of-mouth advertising.

I know I just began my blog back on December 7, 2004; but, I'm an impatient sort. I do know this: I love to write, as it comes easily for me (now, for whatever reason, as it didn't years ago); and, whether or not it's any good, I'll continue writing, because for me it's something that gives me great satisfaction, as I'm kind of a contradiction in terms. I'm a private person who nonetheless wants to leave a part of himself behind so people will have known how I think, what I feel, and where I place importance in this world.

So, if you've gotten this far, perhaps we're kindred spirits, or maybe (just maybe) my writing style and what I have to say resonate with you. That would be nice. Let me know. Leave a comment or write me an email. Link to a post or two and give some thought, please, to putting me in your blogroll.

Many of us -- maybe all of us -- mired in the tail of the blogosphere (that Hugh Hewitt writes are "the 95% to 99% of blogs that are not giant traffic getters" or even "moderate traffic getters," as he should have added) should quit aspiring to landing that link on Instapundit's site or (dream of dreams) blowing out a server's fire power by having Matt Drudge take note of us. Maybe, instead, we should help one another and form a phalanx of tail-dwellers who link to each other and blogroll one another and simply outflank the big boys and girls (the Top 10, the Top 20, the Top 50, the Top 100 -- however you want to count them) by harnessing the power of the tail (see page 111 of Hugh Hewitt's BLOG). It's doable. There's power in numbers! Just those of us using could start a revolution, if we each became more generous souls.

Am I dreaming? I don't know. I guess my handful of readers (well three or four dozen, anyway) may soon tell me. Anyway, let's all enjoy our weekend, we few, we precious few, we Band of Bloggers!