Thursday, January 27


Ronald Reagan once used the line effectively in a presidential debate, so I'm not reluctant in the least to point the same phrase in the direction of Peggy Noonan, who decided to dig herself a little deeper hole with this.

I disagreed with her first column on the president's Second Inaugural Address; and, I disagree with her second. She frets that George Bush's clarion call for freedom throughout the world -- the lifting of oppression and the end of tyranny -- may "summon" more trouble for the U.S., and we already have enough of it to deal with effectively.

My question: were a neo-Nazi movement to rise in Germany, while the United States was already preoccupied with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea and myriad other international issues, is it her contention that we should turn a pragmatic deaf ear to yet another genocide lest we bargain, earnestly and idealistically, for more than we can chew?

Life is not always needful of political action, she writes. Did you forget your Plato and Aristotle along the way, Ms. Noonan?

Think about it, Peggy.