Sunday, January 16


This is the sort of news out of Austin, TX that makes my morning brighter, as I had written several letters to State Attorney General Greg Abbot in 2004 asking for action on the irritating, time-consuming, oftentimes offensive, plague that is spam. I had been led to believe that its sources were typically placed in Canada or overseas, but this article points to a large-scale, Nevada-based operation "pitching bogus mortgage-refinancing services" in which information obtained from unwary recipients of these unsolicted emails was in turn sold as leads to presumably legitimate firms. There's no mention in this article as to whether the firms buying these leads from the offending companies have been cited (if such practices are even illegal) or at least warned that the consumer information they were paying for was being sourced through illegal channels. Credit Microsoft with a big assist (nice to see). Now let's see if convictions follow!