Tuesday, January 11


Howard Dean has about as much chance of becoming the new Chairman of the DNC, as I have of becoming CEO of General Electric. All kidding aside, the Clinton's won't stand for this and they wield the power. Besides, let's get real hear. Does the Democratic Party want this kind of shrill hysteria to represent it or, worse, this sort of visual bluster to depict it in front of the T.V. cameras?

Howard, go back to doctoring. Hillary won't support you and neither will the titular head of the lunatic fringe of the Jackass Party, his eminence, Ted Kennedy (Michael Moore with a pedigree). And we'd like to think that a man of your keen intelligence, Doctor Dean, has the good sense to know that your principal sponsor in the Democratic Party, Al Gore, has long since been rendered a political gelding by virtue of 1) his own hubris in not calling upon Bill Clinton to play a vital role in the 2000 presidential campaign, and 2) coming out too early for you and thereby snubbing Teddy's protege, ol' what's-his-name.