Saturday, January 22


Further to my post of last night, Senator Arlen Specter has hired an Assistant General Counsel of the NAACP and protege of Elaine Jones (formerly the head of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund and avowed opponent of President Bush's judicial nominees) for his Senate Judiciary Committee staff. This move is a slap in the face to the president and Republican Senate leadership, and it rekindles concerns about Specter's intentions vis-a-vis the vetting process for federal judicial nominees and support of the president's selections. Indeed, it puts new life in the swirl of controversy that raged around Senator Specter last October and November.

Hanibal G. Williams II Kemerer (honest, that's his name) may soon become the point of ignition in a firestorm that could lead to Specter's ouster as the Judiciary Committee's Chairman. The pertinent question here: what will Senator Bill Frist do about this?

Most conservatives in this country think the most critically important task of Bush's second term, apart from his conduct of the ongoing war on international terrorism, will be his appointments to the federal judiciary and, most importantly among them, to the Supreme Court. That's why Arlen Specter is such a concern and rightfully so. President Bush garnered over 60,000,000 votes in last November's election. We don't need Arlen Specter insinuating himself between the president and that mandate.

As I wrote yesterday: Senator Frist, do something about it.