Thursday, January 20


There's been an epiphany in Democratic Party ranks and not from the "Left Coast," but rather from (poetic justice after all) the "Right Coast." Hillary Rodham Clinton, working diligently to set the stage for a hard run at her Party's presidential nomination in 2008, has not only led the charge to distance herself from the appeasers -- John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean -- but has now signaled her intentions to distance herself from those who continually bash President Bush over his deeply-rooted religious convictions, support of faith-based initiatives, and steadfast resistance to those who want an impregnable wall built between Church and State, God and Man.

Hillary can't seem of late to move towards the Center fast enough. She may loathe Dick Morris, but she's been reading his book. It was Morris who convinced her husband that the key to gaining the White House (and remaining there) is not in staunch, Leftist advocacy, but rather in centrist moderation. Democrats can never hope to regain a toehold in the Republican South without a nodding recognition that God and faith have an important place in America and its politics.

Could it be that Hillary, in her political transmogrification, is becoming a kinder, gentler Democrat? Be cautioned: looks can be deceiving. I've yet to hear her renounce her neo-Communist manifesto, it takes a village. She remains unalterably for this writer a wolf in sheep's clothing and her political deceipt rivals that of her sexually peripatetic husband.