Thursday, January 27


Legislation designed to tighten up immigrant identification in the United States is being supported by a number of Congressmen, including Congressman David Dreier, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, of Glendora, CA, who has come to the party late, but has arrived nonetheless after voters got the message to him in his California district that illegal immigration must become a front-burner issue. His is part of a growing sentiment in Washington (albeit slow in coming), and not just among Republicans, that something must be done to stem the runaway problem that is illegal immigration across our porous southern border with Mexico. Even Hillary Clinton has become more vocal on this thorny issue.

H.R. 98 -- the so-called "Bonner Plan" -- requires among other things that the Department of Homeland Security maintain an "Employment Eligibility Database." The legislation calls for a more durable Social Security card with a current photograph to be the requisite piece of identification in securing legal employment in the United States. Social Security cards, as they exist today, are easily forged and readily available on the black market.The "Bonner Plan" calls for a counterfeit-proof S.S. card.

This legislation deals head-on with the Mexican government's preference for the use of "Consular Identification Cards," which are notoriously unverifiable, by Mexican migrants in the United States. Because remittances back to Mexico from both legal and illegal migrants are Mexico's second largest revenue stream (after oil exports), Mexico prefers to arm its migrants with these cards, along with "How To" guides on circumventing U.S. immigration laws.