Tuesday, January 25


It appears -- and I emphazie the word appears -- that some political pressure, hopefully not just internally, but from the Bush Adminsitration as well, has been placed on Presidente Vicente Fox to get tough on the escalating border town drug-related violence that's been making a mockery of his administration's commitment to law enforcement.

I used to travel to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on business and have driven past the maximum-security prison there a number of times. Just looking at it sends chills up and down your spine. But I'm digressing.

If 70 drug-related murders and 120 drug-related kidnappings (and those are just the ones Mexican authorities have verified) in one border state of Mexico alone in 2004 don't give you an idea of what life there is all about ...

And such criminal activity, typically confined to Mexico's side of the border in past years, has now crossed into the United States to compound and exacerbate the deleterious consequences of Mexico's principal exports to America -- illegal drugs and illegal immigrants.

As I have been repeatedly writing in recent weeks, the Bush Administration has yet to convince me that it's putting adequate priority on dealing with the security and crime-related issues the government of Mexico has been foisting upon us for years. It's one thing to be unable to secure the borders of Iraq; it's another thing not to do so along our own southern border!