Saturday, January 29


There's a Country Western song that made the rounds some months back that had the line, What was I thinkin'?

I began humming the tune while reading this CNN article on a goofball named Joe Tamargo who's selling advertising space on his body. And, no, he's not festooning it with grocery chain flyers. He's having tatoos carved into his skin!

What's come over Joe? Better still, what's come over his clients?

Joe obviously never took a marketing course in his life and knows not a thing about the concept of the product lifecycle. Joe's 31 years old and either he'll run out of skin or run out of gas long before his inked-up body ever becomes a going concern. No doubt it'll soon become a growing concern, however, for New York officials. Once the arms and legs, back and chest are covered in Madison Avenue hype, then where does crazy Joe go from there?

Can't you see his butt cheeks glistening in the early morning light, reading Caution: we stop at train crossings (courtesy of Gotham Bus Lines)!