Tuesday, January 11


Is that a euphemistic phrase for blind arrogance, Dan? So, according to CBS' duly-appointed "Independent Review Panel" (see page 28), a political agenda neither prompted the timing of the airing (September 8, 2004) of the 60 Minutes Wednesday segment on President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service or the substance of its conclusions: to wit, that the president had failed in 1972 to follow a direct order to take an annual flying physical, that his performance as a pilot was substandard, that he had been suspended from flight status, and that in 1973 pressure had come from a high-ranking general within the TANG to "sugar coat" the performance evaluation of pilot Bush. The so-called "Killian documents," upon which these groundless charges were based, proved fraudulent (largely due to the solid investigatory work of bloggers, patronized in the report, I should add, as the "so-called blogosphere"), but the whitewash being perpetrated upon the public persists and is now a matter of record -- namely, that Rather and Mapes were not out to damage the president in his re-election bid or tied in any way to the Kerry camp or Democratic Party interests. Totally credible, right?!

Lucianne carries the entire Thornburgh report on its website today (thank you, Lucianne) and also appropriately directs its readers to Powerline -- the bloggers who did much of the heavy lifting in breaking the CBS' /fraudulent documents story -- for more commentary on the credibility of the report's conclusions. The Big Trunk fittingly calls the report purely "... an exercise in damage control for CBS ."

The original story now, coupled with the Thornburgh report, ought to propel CBS News and 60 Minutes into the tank. Good riddance.