Wednesday, January 5


This CNN report ought to give California parents of school-age children pause and prompt the legions of liberals among them to rethink school vouchers. Quality public education in the so-called Golden State is slip-slidin' away. It's not entirely the fault of the Democrats either. I moved with my family to California at age 10 and Democratic Governor Pat Brown showed strong leadership on the education front in those days and paced the development of the University of California system and its many campuses. But a Democrat then is not a Democrat today. Zeb Miller of Georgia said as much in his keynote address at the Republican National Convention in New York. The Democratic Party has changed and what used to be the positive elements of progressive politics have been supplanted with mindless Liberal causes grounded in "tax and spend" measures sans accountability.

Anyway, it appears public education has gone awry, as have so many things, in good ol' California. The Willie Browns, Nancy Pelosis, Dianne Feinsteins and Barbara Boxers of Golden State politics fame (more like "infamy") haven't a clue. Yet, Californians keep returning them and others of their ilk to office. You get what you vote for!