Wednesday, January 12


So to the hordes of illegals crossing into our country unimpeded through our porous southern border with Mexico, we're now to add a veritable bovine stampede across our northern border from Canada. Thank you, Bush Administration.

Last time I checked, neither Mexico nor Canada was a member of the muli-national coalition assisting the United States in Iraq and, in point of fact, both governments have persisted in their criticism of U.S. efforts to combat terrorism in the Middle East. Both economies rely heavily on exports to the United States and, in Mexico's case, on imports of U.S. dollars from illegals working in America. And the Canadian government recently advised the United States that it will not contribute any national treasure toward the missile defense system that will further protect the liberties of its countrymen. Our southern neighbor is a manifestly corrupt government. Our northern neighbor is corrupted by European-style secularism and, in its eastern political power centers, a fascination with socialism and communism -- any political philosophy antithetical to that of its next door neighbor.

There's utter madness in allowing millions of illegals to enter this country in an age of terrorism and heightened homeland security. There's patent stupidity in risking a mad cow epidemic to placate a former friend who has opted to distance itself from what ought to be our mutual strategic interests. Why do we engage in brinkmanship across oceans, but acquiesce to neighbors who abuse us and use us with nary a concern for reprisals?